The Construction Engineering and Management Group has the following research tracks:
            Sustainable Housing
                    1. Eco-friendly (sustainable) Materials
                    2. Sustainable Housing Systems
                    3. Building Envelopes for Tropical Environment

            Durable Infrastructure
                    1. Safety and Reliability of Structures
                    2. Effect of environment on structures / Disaster Impact Reduction (Mitigation)
                    3. Management and Maintenance of Infrastructures
                    4. Energy Efficiency in Civil Engineering Structures

            Construction Productivity Improvement
                    1. Development of IT-enabled Tools for Productivity Improvement (with CS/EEE)
                    2. Development of Productivity Database for Construction (with IE)
                    3. Harmonization of Construction Materials Standards with International Standards
                    4. Development of Skills Evaluation Standards for Construction Workers (with TESDA)

Past Projects:
  • Analysis of Deterioration of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Local Marine Environment”, Dec 2008-May 2010, MARINE Program, DOST-ERDT Project (Project Leader: Dr. Nathaniel Diola)

Undergraduate Research Projects
2nd Sem (2010-2011)
  • Modeling the Time to Initiate Concrete Cover Cracking and Crack Propagation in Cement Exposed to Chloride Ingress (by Jed Alison J. Alimanza)
  • An Evaluation of a Proposed Performance-Based Maintenance Framework on Marine Concrete (by Rhodelynne L. Cruz, Sarah Khey A. Ebido, Jayclaid G. Tenidor)
  • Performance Evaluation of Building Sealants subjected to Natural Weathering: Testing Procedures and Initial Data (by Raymond Wilson O. Lim)
  • Effects of Varying Chloride Ingress Rates on the Time to Initiate Corrosion in Steel (by Meredith G. Malinawan) 
  • Evaluation of the Performance of Different Precast Concrete Panel Joint Configurations against Wind-driven Rain (by Dioscoro V. Salazar, Jr.)
  • Comparison of Transport Properties of Green Concrete (by Christian G. Seso)