The Structural Engineering Group has the research track:

Risk Management and Disaster Mitigation Program: Multi-Hazard Approach (Earthquake, Severe Wind, Fire)
    1. Monitoring, Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Existing Structures
    2. Design, Development and Testing of Alternative Infrastructure Systems
    3. Design and Development of Structural Analysis Software for Research and Instruction

Past projects:
  • Development of a Tri-axial Measurement System for Vibration-based Damage Detection and its Application to Civil Infrastructures in Metro Manila. OVCRD PhD Incentive Award Project No. 080813 from October 1, 2008 to March 31, 2010. (by Dr. Jaime Hernandez)

  • Development of an efficient numerical method for seismic performance assessment of civil engineering structures, OVCRD PhD Incentive Award, 09022 PhDIA, Awardee. (by Dr. Eric Augustus Tingatinga)
  • Fracture Propagation in Quasibrittle Materials, Professorial Chair, 2009. (by dr. Norbert Que) 
  • Numerical Modelling of Mode I and Mode II Fractures, Teaching Research Grant, 2008. (by dr. Norbert Que)